Born of the three progenitor dragons, Siberys, Eberron, and Khyber, the world of Eberron still bears scars of the terrible fight that created the world. Khyber, mad with lust for power, rent Siberys such a blow that his life’s blood still rings the world. Eberron, knowing she was not strong enough to fight Khyber directly, embraced her sister and merged themselves with the planet, sealing her corrupted sister below the earth. Twelve moons remain of the thirteen that were forged by the trio before their struggle, and the ring of Siberys, formed of crystals created by the blood and scales of the progenitor, light the night’s sky. Even in daylight, the Ring stands to remind the land of its birth.

In the millions of years since, many civilizations have risen and fallen. In Khorvaire, the latest victim of the tides of time was the great kingdom of Galifar. Founded a millennium ago and spanning all of Khovaire, a century past the established succession was upset when three of King Jarot’s children opposed his eldest daughter assuming the title of High King. War ravaged the lands until two years ago, brought to a standstill by the utter destruction of one of the kingdoms. Joining them are several new nations that have risen from the ashes of the war, some bastions of Monsterous races, some refuges of those seeking to avoid the wars, and some formed by traitorous mercenary forces.

Aundair, one of the Five Nations, supported the rightful heir in Cyre at the start of the war. Now they support the refugees of the nation, only not within Aundair’s borders. Center of knowledge, learning, and magic in Khorvaire, the nation still holds with traditions from the time of Galifar. Ruled by queen Aurala, the nation is a mix of pastoral fields and bustling cities, peaceful countrysides and energetic streets, and a few remaining wild places. The Arcane Congress, an institute that has stood since the founding of Galifar in order to develop magic for the common good, is centered in the town and floating earth motes that make up the school of Arcanix.

Magic is common in Eberron, if not bountiful. Thirteen Dragonmarked houses influence most of the mercantile trades, the expression of the Draconic Prophecy on their skin empowering their magical skills. While not everyone can afford the conveniences of magic in their daily lives, most are effected by the magic industries in some way.

Arcanix Adventuers

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