Arcane Congress

The last vestiges of the great magical study project undertaken by King Galifar I, the Arcane Congress consists of a council of wizards and sorcerers who continue to explore the limits of the arcane arts. The royal warlord and minister of magic, Adal, serves as the go-between for the crown and the congress, though some factions within the congress distrust Adal due to his fascination with war and weapons of arcane destruction. In addition to providing Queen Aurala with advice on arcane matters, the congress oversees the floating towers of wizardry in Arcanix and helps mentor the next generation of wizards and magewrights.

The Arcane Congress was Established by King Galifar I in 15 YK, the Arcane Congress was tasked to study the mysteries if magic and place thhese powers at the servioce of the kingdom. The Cogress has its seat in Aundair, and when the kingdom of Galifar collapsed in 895 YK the congress swore its allegiance to the Aundarian throne.

Founded almost one thousand years ago, the Arcane Congress is a counterpoint to The Twelve of the Dragonmarked Houses. While The Twelve investigate magic for the advantage of the houses, the Arcane Congress serves the better interest of the Five Kingdoms. It continues to do so after the Last War, although Aundair is generally the initial beneficiary of their developments.

The Arcane Congress, one of Khorvaire’s greatest collections of arcane minds, operates out of the floating towers that hover above the village of Arcanix. Over the centuries, the Arcane Congress has turned its Aundair headquarters into a showcase for the power of magic. Visiting the fl oating towers means seeing wonders undreamt of by most Aundairians—from baffling illusions to animated contrivances to captured creatures from other dimensions.

The floating towers are at once a college of wizardry and the personal laboratories of some of the most powerful wizards in the Five Nations. Many a would-be magewright or wizard comes to the village of Arcanix, below the towers, hoping to study hard and someday ascend to the lofty ranks of Aundair’s finest arcanists.

The Arcane Congress devotes two of the towers, Glarehold and Amberwall, to training the next generation of magewrights and wizards. Nocturnas and Skyreach, the other two towers, are the residences, libraries, and laboratories of Arcane Congress members. From these two towers the Congress advises the Aundairian crown on magical matters and schemes against its rivals, the Twelve.

The Arcane Congress built the floating towers over eight hundred years, so their walls have known many architects, both mundane and magical. Within the floating towers, there’s always a strong aura of transmutation.

The Arcane Congress has a pragmatic attitude toward spellcasting, so it’s not uncommon to see both demons and celestials making pacts with the arcanists of the floating towers. While individual denizens of the towers might be paragons of good or evil, the Arcane Congress as a whole places no stigma on affiliation with either fiends or celestials.

Arcane Congress

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