As you soar upward, you see four castles, each floating on a rocky island thousands of feet above the verdant fields of Aundair. Each castle is a crazy-quilt of different architectural styles, each more outlandish than the last. Periodic flashes of light illuminate the windows, and every so often a gout of flame or eldritch energy bursts forth from a door or chimney.

The Arcane Congress, one of Khorvaire’s greatest collections of arcane minds, operates out of the floating towers that hover above the village of Arcanix. Over the centuries, the Arcane Congress has turned its Aundair headquarters into a showcase for the power of magic. Visiting the floating towers means seeing wonders undreamt of by most Aundairians—from baffling illusions to animated contrivances to captured creatures from other dimensions.

The floating towers are at once a college of wizardry and the personal laboratories of some of the most powerful wizards in the Five Nations. Many a would-be magewright or wizard comes to the village of Arcanix, below the towers, hoping to study hard and someday ascend to the lofty ranks of Aundair’s finest arcanists.

Arcanix’s unique position makes it one of the Five Nations’ most magically aware places. Many of the residents are downright blasé about powerful arcane magic, while others take great delight in the astonishment on visitors’ faces when a carpet of flying alights on the town square or an aged wizard turns into a glorious dragon and flies away.


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