Character Questionnaire

1) What does your character look like? How do they dress? Do they have a particular taste in clothing style or colour? How do they differ in a formal setting from how they normally dress? Provide an image from an online source or that you have drawn yourself.

2) What is your character’s history and back story? Where were you born? Are you from a dragonmarked house? What does your family do? Nothing extremely detailed is necessary, just elaborate on any backgrounds you have chosen.

3) The last war dominated the entire continent of Khorvaire for most of a century. If you are an adult you did something during the war that related to the war effort. What was it? Which nation did you fight for or do the most business with? What are your views on the other nations and politics in general?

4) Where do you currently live? The nation, city or town, and a general description of your living quarters would be nice, although you can be as detailed as you would like.

5) What do you currently do for a living? How do you feel about your current job? What would it take to make you abandon it and go adventuring? Or, why have you forsaken it for the life of an Adventurer?

6) What faith do you follow and what are your religious views in general?

7) What are your character’s personal ambitions and goals? What are your motivations for following these? Be as detailed as you can be.

8) What are three loose ends for your character? These can be past events that lack closure, people that your character has lost track of and regrets, mistakes that your character has made, or other things that have peripherally involved your character. If you want cool side-quests give me cool loose ends to tie up.

9) Briefly describe your character’s personality. If your character is based off of a movie or show, which character from which show and note major differences that make your character unique and interesting.

10) What do you as a player want for your character and from the game in general? What makes you happy at the end of a session? Where do you want your character to wind up?

Character Questionnaire

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