House Kundarak operates the banking system of Khorvaire. While most smaller villages only have a local branch that is underwritten and administered by the dwarves, cities and towns have full banks with access to Kundarak Vaults.

The currency of The Five Nations consists of the following denominations.

Dragons are platinum coins, minted by Kundarak banks. Most village folk will never see a Dragon coin in their lifetimes. A dragon is worth one hundred Galifars.

Galifars are golden coins, minted in each of the Five Nations. One side has the likeness of King Galifar I, while the other bears the royal symbol of the nation. The average earnings of most villagers is fifty Galifars a year.

Sovereigns are silver coins, and are the most common currency. The symbol of the Sovereign Host or a member of the host is on one face, with the nation’s on the reverse. Ten Sovereigns are equivalent to one Galifar.

Crowns are copper coins, and most used by poorer folk. Typically their faces are a hero or monument of the minting nation opposite a crown. Ten Crowns is equal to one Sovereign.

Other nations use analogously weighted coins, although a copper coin from Darguun is a much rougher coin than a Crown from a Brelish mint.

Larger currency exchanges typically use a Kundarak Letter of Credit instead of a sizable weight of Dragons or bulky currency. Rumors and legends tell of other physical currencies used by the extremely wealthy, but House Kundarak only deals in the concrete. Generally rare currency is bought by collectors, as a Kundarak banker will only exchange them for a similar weight in coin.


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