House Phiarlan

House Phiarlan is an elven dragonmarked house throughout Khorvaire, although they are now based in Sharn, Breland their former base of operation in Cyre having been destroyed in the Day of Mourning. The Carnival of Shadow is the traveling circus of House Phiarlan, filled with illusion, acrobatics, and exotic creatures and entertainers from across Khorvaire.


Baron Elvinor Elorrenthi d’Phiarlan

Seneschal Taen Shol d’Phiarlan


House Phiarlan traces its roots back to when the elves were slaves to the gaints. The ancestors of House Phialan were liaisons between different elven sects. They called themselves Phiarlan which means ’’spirit keepers’’ because they held the different elven sects together. The Phiarlan learned the customs of the different elven tribes as they worked there trade as liasons. They started to carry intelligence for the war and this was their first real taste of espionage.

With the Phiarlan knowlege of the tribes of elves they helped the leaders to gather their tribes and flee Xen’drik. The Phiarlan helped to keep the elves together by giving news to the different noble courts that were founded before the Undying Court. They also helped keep the nation together by uncovering rivalries and schemes. The Phiarlan were very highly respected were allow in all the courts, mainly because to deny them meant a noble was hiding something. They use song, dances and other arts to entertain and pay back their hosts.

The elves have been trying to get there heroes back from death and many of the nobles try to do so in a variety of ways. The two paths that were put to use were the Priests of Transition and the House of Vol. The Priests of Transition studied ways to preserve the spirit beyond the death of the body. The House of Vol dabbled in blood magic and dark arts. The Way of Transition priests gained the most support and thus created the Undying Court. The Undying Court brought the lines of the nobles together. With this new change the Phiarlan became true spies and at this point the Mark of Shadow appeared.

With the Mark of Shadow appearing the Phiarlan lost the Undying Courts favor. Then the war with the House of Vol came. The House had gotten the Mark of Death and with their union with Dragons the Undying Court killed all their rivals. The Phiarlan, fearing that they would be next, fled for their very lives. The ones that stayed soon spread the Mark of Shadow all over the nation.

In the new land of Khorvaire they started to amass power and form an intelligence network. They also started to create fine works of art with their many skills. They sold their new creations to the people of Khorvaire and this help them establish contacts and money. Their entertainment business also helped them get money and information to increase their influence.

The Five Demesnes

’’‘Memory’’’: This Demesnes deals with the written word. Phiarlan novelists, playwrights, and poets all study it. The Phiarlan back a good amount of money thanks to their books, songs and plays because they have a powerful effect on public opinion. So an individual can pay for a Phiarlan author to portray them in a good light or the person can ask them to vilify an enemy. Phiarlan are also used as speech writers and many politicians have hired them to improve their image.

The Demesne of Memory is located in the city of Fairhaven in Aundair.

’’‘Motion’’’: As its name suggests this Demesnes has to do with the art of the body. The art form that is studied here is dance, gymnastics, wrestling, mime, contortion, massage, and many more. Phiarlans have master many different forms and styles of dance and they are know for there grace and power. Acrobats of the Carnival of Shadows train in this Demesne before starting in the Carnival. The Serpentine Table normally take some of the most gifted students of motion for their group. Phiarlan escorts study the arts of motion and shadow. These elves are used for people that need companionship or to make an impression and the Phiarlan can change there appearance through their magic to appear as anyone the client needs or wants.

The Demesne of Motion is located in the city of Korth in Karrnath.

’’‘Music’’’: This Demesnes teaches the art of sound, song and instruments. This Demesne teaches different styles from all over Eberron. Most Phialan learn this Demesne and it is second in popularity only to the Demesne of Shadow.

The Demesne of Music is located in the city of Flamekeep in Thrane.

’’‘Shape’’’: This Demesnes teaches the different ways of making costumes, sets, props and instruments. Aesthetic art, sculptors, painters, and potters also learn this Demesne. The Phiarlan use the worksmithing that they obtained for Aerenal to create the many things.

The first Demesne of Shape was located in the city of Metrol in Cyre, but with Cyre destroyed in the wake of the Day of Mourning the new Demesne of Shape has been established in Wroat, Breland.

’’‘Shadow’’’: This Demesne covers the art of deception. The illusions used in the houses various art forms and plays are learned here. This also serves as the center for verbal arts of deception and coercion, feigned emotion, and role assumption.

The Demesne of Shadow is located in Sharn, Breland. With the destruction of the first Demesne of Music, it is the oldest of the Five Demesnes and is the current home of the house matriarch.

Heirloom Performances

The members of Phiarlan have held on strong to traditions. They believe that their greatest treasures of the house are the works of ancient artists. The great works that the house has can normally only be performed by a single person. These heirlooms are handed down by the person who has possesses the heirloom, giving it to another worthy individual.


House Phiarlan possesses the Mark of Shadow. The oldest living dragonmark the Mark of Shadow first appeared on Aerenal. This mark grants various magical benefits that relate to divination and illusions. The house turned these power to the arts of entertainment as well as the skills of actors, musicians, and acrobats for which the Phiarlan are legendary. During the Last War some members of the house disapproved of the houses involvement and broke away forming House Thuranni.

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House Phiarlan

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