Library of Robideur

Near the top of Skyreach is one of Khorvaire’s finest collections of arcane lore—although librarians in Korranberg would argue the point, and who knows what dark lore lurks in the libraries of Ashtakala?

The library takes up the top four floors of Skyreach’s tallest spire, with bookshelves running from floor to ceiling. Only the doors and the stained-glass windows interrupt the walls crammed with spellbooks, tomes, and grimoires. A unique spell not unlike unseen servant controls the books within the library. An arcanist of the Arcane Congress need only state the title and author of a book, and it slides from its shelf, opens wide, then slowly descends to the arcanist’s waiting hands, lazily flapping its cover open and shut in imitation of a bird.

The half-elf sorcerer Robideur died more than 450 years ago, but his descendant Tanila is the current head librarian. The library forbids checking out books even to the most powerful members of the Arcane Congress; examination of a book at one of the library’s oak desks is the only option. Tanila is unfriendly toward anyone who even asks about checking out a book, and she won’t bend the rules unless they can improve her attitude somehow.

The Library of Robideur is a terrific research tool. An arcanist using the library to research a specific question gains an advantage on research in arcane topics and on information about the planes. The library has a few books on other topics—histories, gazetteers, and the like—but they aren’t comprehensive.

Library of Robideur

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