Stormborn Knights

An order of arcane knights that trace their heritage back to Galifar, the Stormborn Knights are similar to the Knights Arcane and the Knight Phantoms of Aundair. However, while the latter are loyal to the crown of Aundair, the Stormborn Knights still take oaths to Galifar and the Arcane Congress. Headquartered in Skyreach, they oversee the safety of the Arcane Congress in the floating towers of Arcanix as well as in the town below. A detachment of the order serves in Fairhaven, generally butting heads with the Knights Arcane when their charges overlap.

Their largest membership comes from the Swordmages they train at Arcanix, although several Wizards, Sorcerers, Bards, and even a few Warlocks and Artificers are now members of the order.

They are lead by the Lord Stormcaller, currently Cailan ir’Surana, and the High Tempestua, Ammadaeus d’Lyrandar. They recruit members that show promise from the Autumn Examinations of Arcanix, as well as seeking out notables and accepting petitions and nominations from exceptional persons.

Stormborn Knights specialize in powers associated with the storms and the elements, and generally know rituals related to weather and their powers. A sizable portion of the Stormborn are Genasi, a particularly uncommon race on Khorvaire.

Currently there are under one hundred members of the order, although at their peak during the Last War there were more than twice their current number.

Besides the Lord Stormcaller and High Tempestua, the ranks of the Stormborn Knights are as follows:

  • Captain
  • Lieutenant
  • Storm Warden
  • Sergeant / Journeyman
  • Corporal / Adept
  • Private / Novice
  • Trainee / Apprentice

One cannot rise to Stormwarden or higher unless they demonstrate both martial prowess and skill with spells.


Stormborn Knights

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